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Design Specifications

The following parameters are required for each project.

These parameters are project specific, and used in all design and engineering components of the entire project.

If any value is unknown, the project manager, architect, or structural engineer will be able to provide them.

Importance Level

  • Importance level is assigned to a structure in accordance with its occupancy and use. Please refer to AS/NZS 1170.0 - General Principles for this

Site Subsoil Class

  • The Site Subsoil Class is used to determine what kind of subsoil the project is being built on. Different classes, from hard bed rock to soft sand, greatly impact how a building must be designed

  • Typically Subsoil Class "C" is used as it the most adverse type unless geotechical report is provided.

Design Life

  • The minimum requirement of NZ

    Building Code is 50 years. Special buildings may be designed for 100 years.

Terrain Category

  • Terrain Category is a value between 1 and 4

  • The Terrain Category is used to determine how the locations wind speed should be applied to the design. For example, buildings sheltered by buildings or natural features will likely have a lower design wind speed than a building fronting a lake.

Is Near Slope Hill

  • Is the building located near a hill or a rise with a slope of over 5%, within a distance of 4 times the height of the hill or rise

Is Building Envelope Sealed

  • Is the building envelope fully sealed e.g. no permanent openings and windows can be considered closed during high winds

Building Height

  • The total height of the building